7 Color KBA 104 Perfector

I have approximately 5kba104+ years experience working on a 7 Color KBA 104 Perfector. This printing press had an additional unit for aqueous coatings. We print anything from 1 page brochures to 6 color front and backs. This particular press also had the capability to print a 1-5 color front and a 1-2 color back in one pass. Below is the definition of the printing press and a little history.

Originally, The Pond-Ekberg Company purchased a Rapida 104 two-over-five/seven-color perfector press six years ago primarily for its greeting card market and fine stationary wrap printing and finishing. “We have always been able to offer our customers something a little different than what ourKBA 104 Side View competitors can, and the new KBA 105 will allow us to further promote and print on new and various substrates in the marketplace,” says Kratovil.

Founded in 1918 by John Pond and Carl Ekberg as a small letterpress and typesetting shop, The Pond-Ekberg Company is a 70-employee privately-owned firm headquartered in a 52,000 sq ft facility. In addition to the new Rapida 105 41″ and the Rapida 104 presses, it also has additional six-color 40″ and coating capabilities along with a two-color 40″ press and some smaller format presses. A third KBA Rapida sheetfed press, either another six or eight color with UV capabilities, is planned in the near future. The Massachusetts firm also has the distinction and reputation of having one of the largest and most diversified finishing operations in New England. The firm can foil stamp, emboss, die-cut, and thermo-cut on various stock sizes and substrates up to a 49″ press sheet.

“We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with The Pond-Ekberg Company in their growing business,” says Bob McKinney, director of marketing at KBA. “Our Rapida 105 will allow Pond-Ekberg to continue its rapid growth in the many areas of the commercial and specialty markets they serve.”

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